Bagster other motorcycle accessories

Bagster other motorcycle accessories

BAGSTER – established in France, company designs and manufactures saddlery, luggage storage and protection for motorcycles and scooters, and sells them in many countries in Europe. BAGSTER belongs to the same company group as famous SHARK helmets as well as BERING and SEGURA clothing line.

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Motorcycle map reader Bagster Clipper Tabs Tankbag

Bagster Clipper Tabs TankbagThe Travel Line range combines bags and saddlebags featuring volumes..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€

Thermal protection kit Bagster Kit Thermique

Bagster Kit Thermique- It is available as an option and is adjustable to the Sprint, Rally, West..

31.49€ Ex Tax: 26.02€

Smartphone Holder Bagster Smartphoneholder Handlebar

Bagster Smartphoneholder HandlebarNew Bagster pouch to attach your smartphone / GPS onto the han..

39.99€ Ex Tax: 33.05€

Smartphone Holder Bagster Smartphoneholder Mirror Fitting

Bagster Smartphone Holder Mirror Fitting New Bagster pouch to attach your smartphone / GPS onto the..

39.99€ Ex Tax: 33.05€

Handbag Bagster Moltibox

Bagster Moltibox – this mini bag can be worn on your thigh, forearm, belt or can be used with your G..

47.25€ Ex Tax: 39.05€

Handcuffs Bagster Premmium

Bagster PremmiumInch larger to have more control of the command buttons Reinforcements ins..

51.49€ Ex Tax: 42.55€

Handcuffs Bagster Exxel

Bagster ExxelInch larger to have more control of the command buttons Reinforcements inside ..

61.79€ Ex Tax: 51.07€

Leg Cover Bagster Switch'R

Bagster Switch'RPVC coating, waterproof neoprene Fixing by straps Set of universal straps..

97.85€ Ex Tax: 80.87€

Leg Cover Bagster Winzip

Bagster WinzipUnzipable Winter Version / Spring Version Material with a high resistance t..

205.99€ Ex Tax: 170.24€

Leg Cover Bagster Boomerang

Bagster BoomerangMagnetic trap door for easy access and with only one hand to the ignition ke..

209.90€ Ex Tax: 173.47€

Leg Cover Bagster Briant Moto

Bagster Briant MotoBriant leg cover mainly available for motorbikes and some models of scoot..

287.37€ Ex Tax: 237.50€

Leg Cover Bagster Briant Scooter

Bagster Briant ScooterAnti flapping system Belt for a rider which attaches whith Vectro str..

287.37€ Ex Tax: 237.50€

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